Doran NavarroDiversity & Inclusion Lead

Incorporating Real-World Perspectives into Medical Treatment


Diversity & Inclusion Leads are responsible for helping to create an inclusive work environment in which all employees feel comfortable being themselves. As a curious and open-minded youth, Doran gravitated toward a science career, but ultimately she discovered her ideal niche working in a role outside of science, supporting the biotech product development lifecycle by ensuring her colleagues can thrive.


Find out how well this career lines up with your students’ interests and strengths:

  • Passion for working with others helps solve problems in a dynamic environment.
  • Cultural-responsiveness is essential for recognizing the needs of teammates.
  • Open-mindedness helps with approaching medical treatment in new ways.
  • Planning and executing new strategies is a key duty of the diversity and inclusion lead.


Students can investigate what it takes to become a Diversity and Inclusion Lead by exploring the companion Career Profile, featuring background information about this career, job outlook, and more.

Senior Supervisor of Quality Assurance


“It’s really about being curious and keeping your mindset open to different possibilities.”

Doran Navarro

Career Profile

Diversity & Inclusion Lead

10–15 minutes

The Diversity and Inclusion Lead is tasked with ensuring that biomedical research is done in a way that is equitable and responsive to the diverse needs of real-world populations. They work to create an environment in which every employee feels valued and respected.

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