CTE Curriculum | 9-Week Units

Investigate the amazing ways that living organisms can be harnessed to improve agriculture processes and redefine a healthier relationship with the natural environment.

AG/Environmental COURSE

At a Glance


Each unit includes pacing guide, standards alignment, framing/instructional support and lab material needs.


  • 1 School Year
  • 9 Week Units
  • Quarter-based Units


  • Bacteria
  • Genetically Engineered Crops
  • Drug Discovery
  • DNA Technology


  • CTE Aligned Learning
  • Lab Skills
  • Project Based Experiences

Getting Started

The units below are designed to be used sequentially over the course of the year with supporting lessons, labs, and student activities. Explore each unit for additional details to support curriculum during each quarter of the year.

Unit 5

Solution Seeking Microbes

9 Weeks | Lesson Plans, Labs, Interactives and more

How can we harness the power of microbes to provide solutions to our local and global problems? Design a solution to a real-world problem using a microbe superhero, then present it at a Micro-Con conference.

Unit 6

Alternative Proteins

9 Weeks | Lesson Plans, Labs, Interactives and more

How can struggles in our community be solved through genetic engineering (GE) technology? Take on the role of a research team and explore the development of a novel GE product through the lenses of biotechnology, sustainability, and marketing.

Unit 7

Plant to Pharmaceutical

9 Weeks | Lesson Plans, Labs, Interactives and more

How are plant compounds identified, isolated, and manufactured to treat disease? Examine medicinal plants to determine how nature can be harnessed to create hybrid compounds that improve human lives.

Unit 8

Community Science

9 Weeks | Lesson Plans, Labs, Interactives and more

How can we use DNA identification to solve problems in our lives, in our community, and on our planet? Create a crowdfunding proposal to deploy a DNA collection kit that solves a community challenge.

Biotech is revolutionizing every aspect of life, from advances in medical diagnostics and drug development to improvements in agricultural and food products.