Find out what biotech career paths align with your students’ interests using the Futurelab+ interactive Career Finder tool.

What Biotech Careers Align with Your Students’ Interests?

Their Interests, Their Future

Using the interactive Futurelab+ Career Finder, students answer a series of simple questions to discover what career path is right for them while learning about the wide variety of paths in the biotechnology industry, including: Research and Development, Food, Animal, and Environmental Science, Manufacturing, and more.

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Introduce students to a variety of subject matter experts working in the field of biotechnology. Get an inside look at the dynamic teamwork and creative STEM problem-solving that goes on every day in the lab and beyond, as students find out how these unique individuals ignited their passion for biotech and created rewarding careers.

College and Career Coaching

Connect with Biotechnology Professionals in Your Community

Connections to industry are a critical component to Futurelab+, allowing educators and students to infuse the curriculum with real world applications. The below resources provide an overview of ways to connect, virtually and in-person, with volunteer biotech professionals along with resources to prepare students for thoughtful discussions when going through the informational interview process.


Provide students with a lens into the diverse and dynamic people powering today’s biotechnology industry through opportunities that bring real-world professionals into your classroom. This overview provides an overview of the importance that corporate volunteerism plays in connecting students with careers in the biotechnology industry.
Educator and Volunteer Guide


Prepare students for their next informational interview by stepping into the role of “interviewer” and role-playing through key questions and answers. This guide can be used by educators or provided as an activity to employee volunteers who are connecting with your students one on one.
Student Guide


Informational interviews are a great first-step to building networks and understanding different types of jobs. Use this interview preparation guide to ensure a successful informational interview.