Educators in Action

Inspiring the Next Generation of Diverse Science and Health Professionals

Join Futurelab+ as we build a community of practice for science educators and their students in communities nationwide. Dive into real-life teaching situations to see how other educators are facilitating important and empowering biotechnology lessons in class using a culturally competent lens.


Futurelab+ Professional Learning Community

Apply to join the Futurelab+ PLC and bring biotech into your classroom! Look out for information about our 2024 program in January 2024. It will feature a week-long Summer Institute that includes hands-on lab workshops with BABEC, and will be followed by opportunities throughout the 2024/25 school year.




Engage students from diverse racial, ethnic, and cultural groups with quality, equitable, liberating educational experiences.


Illustrate how educators use Futurelab+ resources to empower their students to become change agents in their community.


Equip educators with knowledge and tools to support necessary conversations in the high school science classroom and beyond.


Connect educators to the Product Life Cycle and the wide breadth of career pathways across biotechnology.

Video Series

Getting Started

The Futurelab+ Master Class series provides a multi-faceted look at biotech in the classroom through the eyes of three unique educators. Discover how you can apply biotech principles in diverse learning environments using two essential themes, which provide a simple framework to develop your instructional practices.

Theme One

Empowering Students to Solve Real-World Problems

3 videos | Educator Guide

Provide students with the tools to seek meaningful change in their world through the exciting field of biotechnology. Discover how biotech classrooms are addressing community problems, health literacy, social justice issues and more.

Theme Two

Building Pedagogical Practices for Inclusive Classrooms

3 videos | Educator Guide

Learn timely ways to implement pedagogical practices that support safe and inclusive classroom environments. Find out how other educators are inspiring the workforce of tomorrow through culturally and linguistically relevant biotech experiences.

Educators in Action

Featured Educators

Meet three teachers from across the United States who are bringing biotech to life in student's everyday world.

Educators in Action

About the Program

Futurelab+ resources are designed to create a bridge between student's daily lives and the evolving STEM workforce of the future. Students can practice in-demand skills that are needed across the full biotech product lifecycle, from molecule to medicine. Aligned to both national education and industry standards, all units are problem-based and built around workforce skill development, to empower students with the knowledge and tools needed to tackle health disparities—locally and globally.

Educator Guide

Educators in Action

Educator Guide

10-15 minutes

This in-depth companion to the Master Class series provides educators with practical real-world connections to explore biotechnology in any classroom environment. Build lessons using key background information, educator strategies and more.

Educator Guide.PDF,722 KB
Build timely curriculum connections for a new generation of problem-solvers with transdisciplinary biotech resources.