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Equity Practices in the Biotech Classroom

Equity Practices in the Biotech Classroom


Equip Students with the Knowledge to Overcome Inequities


Biotechnology provides students with vital pathways to explore some of the most important challenges facing the world today. Embrace the diverse perspectives of students while investigating a variety of timely biotechnology applications with Futurelab+. Find out how other educators are facilitating empowering biotech conversations and connecting students to the workforce of tomorrow through project-based learning, the product development lifecycle and more.


Learn to apply concepts discussed in the Master Class series by reflecting and drawing connections to your own teaching practice:

  • Honing-in on issues that are relevant to your students.
  • Harnessing the hands-on framework of project-based learning.
  • Connecting students to the workforce through the product-development lifecycle.

Look Forward

Use the Educator Guide to explore next steps you can take to incorporate the educator practices discussed by our three Master Class educators in your own teaching.

About This Video Series

The Futurelab+ Master Class Series equips educators with strategies to engage students from diverse racial, ethnic, and cultural groups in lifechanging educational explorations into biotech.

“The main thing is to be aware that these opportunities are available.”

Guadalupe Tapia (she/her)

Educator Guide

Educators in Action

Educator Guide

10–15 minutes

This in-depth companion to the Master Class series provides educators with practical real-world connections to explore biotechnology in any classroom environment. Build lessons using key background information, educator strategies and more.

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