College and Career Readiness

Inspiring the next generation of innovators

Discover ways you can use biotech to support academic success and hone-in on a rewarding career path in a growing STEM industry.

Futurelab+ Network

The Futurelab+ Network connects educators and biotechnology professionals—including Genentech employee volunteers—in pursuit of advancing biotechnology education for all students. Attend live virtual events to learn more about biotech careers and pathways. Access and share resources to support instruction. Work collaboratively with other educators to address pressing problems of practice.

The Many Faces of Biotechnology

Meet real-world professionals working in a wide variety of exciting biotech careers with a series of interactive Career Profiles. Find out how these subject matter experts discovered their passion for problem-solving and start developing your own career goals.

What Biotech Career Aligns with Your Interests?

Find out what biotech career path aligns with your interests using an interactive Career Finder tool. Answer a series of simple questions to discover what biotech career is right for you and learn more about a wide variety of career paths from Research and Development to Food, Animal, & Environmental Science to Manufacturing.
Biotech is revolutionizing every aspect of life, from advances in medical diagnostics and drug development to improvements in agricultural and food products.