Doris KimSenior Project Leader of Companion and Clinical Diagnostics Development

Revolutionizing Medical Diagnosis with Precision Medicine


Senior Project Leaders of Companion & Clinical Diagnostics Development work at the forefront of Precision Medicine, using data and patient feedback to improve the effectiveness of a medication by tailoring it to a certain person or group. Doris developed her love of nature as a child into a fascination with DNA, and she brings that same curiosity to her work and collaborations.


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  • Thorough research skills are needed for a "big picture" perspective of patient care.
  • Knowledge of policy and processes is essential to navigating information and making decisions.
  • Strong collaboration and communication is used to work with international team members.
  • Leadership is important for making crucial decisions and managing others.


Students can investigate what it takes to become a Senior Project Leader of Companion and Clinical Diagnostic Development by exploring the companion Career Profile, featuring background information about this career, job outlook, and more.

Senior Supervisor of Quality Assurance


“Right now it really is about experimenting and seeing what makes you passionate.”

Doris Kim

Career Profile

Companion and Clinical Diagnostics Development

10–15 minutes

Companion Diagnostic Care professionals are at the forefront of the development of personalized medicine through their understanding of patient diagnostic needs. They help oversee the research process using their strong collaborative skills and expertise in personalized medicine.

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