Preet DhillonSenior Scientist in Development Sciences

Redefining the Possibilities of Medicine with Data


Data science principal scientists work to innovate safe and effective medications that are targeted to the unique needs of each individual patient. Preet uses close attention-to-detail to investigate and interpret real-world data like a disease detective, searching for patterns and using information to improve medications and treatments.


Find out how well this career lines up with your students’ interests and strengths:

  • Patience, persistence, and curiosity are key to interpreting large amounts of data.
  • Pattern recognition is an essential tool for all data science professionals.
  • Open-mindedness helps with approaching medical treatment in new ways.
  • Strong observational skills are necessary to monitoring data and making interpretations.


Students can investigate what it takes to become a Data Science Principal Scientist by exploring the companion Career Profile, featuring background information about this career, job outlook, and more.

Senior Supervisor of Quality Assurance


“There are so many opportunities starting in school, so take advantage as early as you can.”

Preet Dhillon

Career Profile

Data Scientist

10–15 minutes

Principal Data Scientists ensure that the huge amounts of data generated by biotech companies are harnessed effectively in order to drive efficiency and innovation. As the highest-ranking data scientists in an organization, they do everything from research and development to training.

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