Katie Creme HenrySenior Manager of Patient Advocacy Relations

Advocating for Patient Needs


Senior Managers of Patient Advocacy Relations work with patient advocacy organizations to understand the patient experience and use data to inform better medical products and services. While not initially interested in STEM as a youth, Katie found a passion for patient advocacy and ended up finding a role where she has the chance to positively impact thousands of lives through her work.


Find out how well this career lines up with your students’ interests and strengths:

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills enable a good understanding of patient needs
  • Synthesizing insights is important when interpreting data.
  • Passion for problem-solving is essential to overcoming challenges in the medical system.
  • Excellent communication skills are used to understand and convey patient feedback.


Students can investigate what it takes to become a Senior Manager of Patient Advocacy Relations by exploring the companion Career Profile, featuring background information about this career, job outlook, and more.

Senior Supervisor of Quality Assurance


"Connect to organizations in your community who do things you're interested in."

Katie Creme Henry

Career Profile

Senior Manager of Patient Advocacy Relations

10–15 minutes

The Senior Manager of Patient Advocacy Relations is a company’s primary link to the patients they serve, working directly with individuals and groups to gain insight into patient needs. They also serve as liaison between health professionals, administrators, and insurance companies.

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