Olajuwon AbimbolaSenior Supervisor of Quality Assurance

Building Safety and Quality into the Production Process


Quality Assurance professionals in the field of biotech ensure that the manufacturing of medicine is done safely, effectively, and in compliance with standards. Olajuwon alternates seamlessly between troubleshooting on the manufacturing floor to collaborating in a brainstorming session in the office, thanks to his strong communication and problem-solving skills.


Find out how well this career lines up with your students’ interests and strengths:

  • Attention-to-detail is a must for troubleshooting issues and maintaining safety and quality.
  • Collaboration is essential for solving big challenges and sharing ideas.
  • Curiosity enables QA professionals to better analyze problems and investigate potential solutions.
  • Flexibility is important for navigating between the various stages of biotech and manufacturing


Students can investigate what it takes to become a Senior Supervisor of Quality Assurance by exploring the companion Career Profile, featuring background information about this career, job outlook, and more.

Senior Supervisor of Quality Assurance


“Be curious. Challenge the Status Quo.”

Olajuwon Abimbola

Career Profile

Senior Supervisor of Quality Assurance

10–15 minutes

Senior Supervisors of Quality Assurance ensure that the biomanufacturing process is safe, effective, compliant, and ultimately accessible to consumers. They use their problem-solving skills and flexible communication skills to troubleshoot challenges in the production process.

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