Living Earth

NGSS Curriculum | 6 Week Units

Project-based units focused on engaging experiences for students to dive deeply into practical applications of biotech skills and concepts.


At a Glance


  • Pacing guide
  • Standards alignment
  • Instructional Framing
  • Integrated labs


  • 2 NGSS Units
  • 6 week units
  • Lesson Plans, Classroom Presentations and more


  • Genetic variation
  • Natural selection
  • Genes, proteins and tissues
  • Cellular division … and more


  • NGSS aligned inquiry
  • Problem-based learning
  • Increased awareness of biotechnology careers

Getting Started

The units are designed to be used in the California Science Standards Three Course Model. Resources are grounded in compelling biotechnology storylines to maximize student exposure to biotech industry trends, practical applications of biotech skills and concepts, career paths, and industry professionals.

Unit 1

Genetic Detectives: Investigating Inherited Diseases

6 weeks | Lesson Plans, Labs, Interactives and more

Inheritance of Traits: How do you counsel a patient on their risk of genetic disease while considering their health literacy? Examine risk, diagnosis and treatment of genetic diseases.

Unit 2

Community Empowerment: Eradicating Disease

6 weeks | Lesson Plans, Labs, Interactives and more

Structure, Function and Growth: How can we effectively use a community outreach campaign to educate and empower a community to help eradicate an infectious disease? Examine infectious diseases and the impact on our bodies and global communities.

Biotech is revolutionizing every aspect of life, from advances in medical diagnostics and drug development to improvements in agricultural and food products.