Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and Career and Technical Education (CTE) Aligned Courses

Instructional materials designed to meet national education and industry standards to focus on in-demand skills needed across the full product development lifecycle—from molecule to medicine—which expose students and educators to the breadth of education and career pathways across biotechnology.


Getting Started

Each course listed below includes flexible topic-based units and supplementary instructional resources to equip educators with strategies that engage students in the range of biotechnology. Use the materials as they best fit into your classroom needs.

Futurelab+ Overview and Demonstration

Watch this video for a quick overview of the breadth of resources available and a demonstration of how to navigate through sections with ease.

Living Earth

Supplementary Curriculum | 6 week Units


Project-based units focused on engaging experiences for students to dive deeply into practical applications of biotech skills and concepts. Some topics covered include genetic variation, natural selection, genes, proteins and tissues, cellular division… and more

Unit 1 | Inheritance of Traits
Genetic Diversity: Investigating inherited diseases

Unit 2 | Structure, Function and Growth
Community Empowerment: Eradicating Disease

Living Earth Curriculum

Chemistry in the Earth System

Supplementary Resources | 4 Multiday Lessons


Dive into the chemical world beneath the microscope to understand how DNA and molecular biology are being used in biotechnology to reimagine life as we know it.

Digital Lesson Bundles

Chemistry Curriculum

Physics of the Universe

Supplementary Resources | 4 Multiday Lessons


Look beyond the everyday to the essential physics principles that help us understand our universe and guide the development of future biotechnology innovations.

Digital Lesson Bundles

Physics Curriculum


Year 1 Curriculum | 9 Week Units

CTE / Biotechnology Biomed

Take students to the frontier of modern medicine to learn how biotechnology is helping to target both individual and global needs with everything from wearable tech to pandemic preparedness solutions.

Unit 1
Crowdsourcing innovations in biotech

Unit 2
Taking Action in Your Community: Health Equity

Unit 3
Nucleic Acids and Proteins: Disease Treatment Innovations

Unit 4
Behind the Scenes of Scientific Breakthroughs 

Biomed Curriculum


Year 2 Curriculum | 9 Week Units

CTE / Biotechnology AG/Environmental

Investigate the amazing ways that living organisms can be harnessed to improve agriculture processes and redefine a healthier relationship with the natural environment.

Unit 5

Unit 6

Unit 7
Plant to Pharmaceutical

Unit 8
Community Science

AG/environmental Curriculum
NGSS and CTE Curriculum

Student Interactives

Let students follow their own interests in biotechnology with these self-guided interactives. Students will explore real-world examples of biotech revolutionizing the field of medicine and improving lives globally.

NGSS and CTE Curriculum

Instructional Resources

The possibilities for classroom exploration are limitless when you embrace the transdisciplinary connections of biotechnology. Use these research-based educator guides to build curriculum connections and empower students from every background with next-gen STEM problem-solving skills.

Additional Details


  • Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Instruction
  • Connection to the Product Life Cycle
  • Computational Thinking Practices
  • Standards Alignment


  • Equity
  • Adaptability
  • Industry Driven
  • Teacher Voice
  • Teaching Breadth and Inclusivity


  • NGSS Aligned
  • CTE Aligned
  • Flexible lesson design
  • Adaptable to fit classroom needs
  • Dual-enrollment opportunities


  • Full Year-Based Curriculum
  • Flexible to Grab-and-Go
  • Topic-based Lesson Plans
  • Student Worksheets
  • Student Interactives
  • Labs
  • Pacing
Biotech is revolutionizing every aspect of life, from advances in medical diagnostics and drug development to improvements in agricultural and food products.